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Thursday, September 3, 2009
4:43 PM

Hey Everyone! This is Aiya Suzumiya here. I have been really busy lately but I finally decided to do this. Alot of Idols from Japan have blogs and official sites with blogs and all I have is myspace. Well no more time to step up and take charge. So in this post I will just introduce myself and who I am. I am apart of Abunai Kawaii. AK is a two person Idol group with me and Kiyoko.
Kiyoko is like a little sister to me. We love cosplay and to dance together. We practice all the time and are in alot of the same cosplay groups. At an anime event if we are together be prepared to have fun and be entertained.

Then last there is the Ichigo cafe. Both me and Kiyoko work for the Ichigo cafe (maid cafe). We are the main performers (of course). We have been apart of the cafe for one whole year now and I know she loves the cafe as much as I do. Ichigo cafe doesn't have a set location here in las vegas yet but we are working soo hard to fufill that goal. Till then we travel to conventions and anime events. We even did a Scifi con. I enjoy every minute in the cafe.

So that is alittle bit about me and what I love. For more info you can check out the cafe at www.ichigocafe.com or my myspace at www.myspace.com/idolAiya . I hope you all enjoy this blog And i wil keep you all updated!

~~ Aiya


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