Anime Vegas Con 09 Preperations >w<

Thursday, September 3, 2009
5:13 PM

Wow! Anime Vegas came up fast this year and there is so much going on. We Have some big guest coming like Momoi Haruko! I am so excited to Meet such an huge idol. She is sadly second in my book of Idols I love. This is only because Aya Hirano is the Idol that made me think.. "hmm this is it. This is what I want to do. I want to be an Idol like Aya." So Aya is kinda like my hero! Hence where my name comes from. I used Ai which I write as the kanji for love with ya since I love Aya. And Momoi Haruko because she is such a huge Idol with wotagei and she has such energy. Aya created me but I want to be as known as Momoi-chan! I even worked really hard to make the call books for the Anime Vegas live!
I was up all night omg I am tired But no rest for me.
Tomorrow is Day 0 of Anime Vegas and I have alot of performances to practice. Because I will be performing for those who are waiting in line for their prereg badges. I also have alot of cosplays to work on. And a Big surprise I dyed my hair!!! Yep I am back to my natural red hair. I think it looks weird but alot of people missed my bright red hair.! I will keep everyone updated with All the Idol events and maid cafe events at Anime Vegas this weekend 5-7. I hope too see you all there at the Cashmen center. Don't forget to visit the maids in the dealers room!


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