Final Fantasy 13 Ps3 vs Xbox

Monday, April 26, 2010
7:18 PM

You asked so here it is. I played both the Ps3 and Xbox versions and saw numerous differences.
The obvious one was the number of disk. The Xbox had 3 while the ps3 only had 1. It kinda made me feel like going back in time playing FF 7 or something. The graphics most of all really got to me. Playing on the Xbox was like watching a HD internet stream compared to the blu ray of the Ps3. I think a couple hours into playing the Xbox one we went to Ps3 to see the difference and returned the Xbox one asap to gamefly. The game play was the same but felt more natural on a playstaion console.

I would say if you have a Ps3 to get it on that. If not Just know your not gonna get the best experience.

Also If you like FF 13 I am making Vanille's outfit. So look out for it!


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