Anime Expo 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010
6:36 PM

OMG it has been soo long since I have made a post and I am soo sorry. Well to make up for the long time here is a long one for you all.
AX this year was a lot of fun. I got to hang out with all my Vegas friends (well most of them) but most importantly Kiyoko! I didn't really have too much time for dancing this year since I was having a blast being with all my friends. I feel like all my practice went to waste. T^T
But yeah Day zero I met up with yeti and everyone and hijacked their room for two days. That was the best. Being in a room with all your friends. On Friday I got another room in a different hotel and missed them soo much. But we were closer to a famima so yay. I didn't get as many cosplays and I wanted done but I did finally cosplay Motoko from Love hina in her towel. I got soo many props for it. XD I also was Kallen from Code Geass. That was a lot of fun. I really wanted to pull of this costume and I finally did it. I bought it instead of made it since it looked so complex but I don't like the one I bought so I am gonna use it as a reference for a new one I am gonna make. ! I also was maid Ranka Lee from Macross frontier and went to the Nakajima and May'n concert. Sadly I didn't finish my Lady Gaga Telephone cosplay but I didnt have the t-shirt with her on it in the same outfit. Everyone loved what I did have done of the cosplay.
I did buy some doujins and a haruhi body pillow, oh and a panda kigurumi. It is so comfy. The perfect thing for late night cons. well I have been writing soo long I might make a second part or not... I do want to hear from all my fans out there though. Sorry I have been gone I still love you all soo much. Thanks you for standing by me in tough times. We are stronger together.


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