Anime vegas Day 2

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
2:45 PM

Today was Vocaloid day!!!! I had a lot of fun draging all the vocaloids over to the Ichigo Cafe booth. But what made today really epic was I got to see momoi again. She had a Q&A panel.

It was funny because when I first got there I was sitting in the back and she had something in her eye so I pulled out my compact for her to use and my buddy sitting up front beakoned for me to sit by him so I did. I asked Momoi how it felt to be an Idol and how does she feel when others tell her that they are inspired by her. Because I am inspired to become a big Idol like her one day. She was over joyed. It was so cute. She then said that I inspire her to be Miku Hastune. Again I almost cry. I was so nervous talking to her and being close to her it was like wow!! O_O
after that the day was filled with vocaloid dancing and then to the ZOMG Dance. The dance was how can I say it...Bad. They only played a handfull of anime song witch is what I love the most about DJ Jinnai but he was lacking alot. I mostly just talk to some friends till my friend told me to dance for the camera. And so ends day 2.


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