Anime Vegas Day 3

Thursday, September 10, 2009
1:11 PM

Day 3 was hectic. I was Ranka Lee maid from Macross Frontier for most of the day. We Had random dance battles event more random performances. And I even had to finish the wig in liek an hour. The con started and my wig was still yellow. T^T
But I got it done in time. Not like anyone noticed who I was unlike when I was Miku Hastune. But it was alot of fun none the less. I got a great video of some of the dancing going on.....

I do hope we get a room again next year. But yeah to end the day I hijacked my friends cosplay of Alto from Macroos Frontier so I had an actual coaplay for this con. I then went home and styled it XD.


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